Tips for parents to help their young children to memorize math skills

Best Maths Tutor in Sydney is a key skill which almost every children need to acquire for use in their everyday lives. There are many phases to math and these can be explored at an early age through everyday informal contexts. There are also many workbooks and activity books available for your child to develop their math’s skills further in preparation for school. As we know there are penalty of opportunity to develop your children’s mathematical skills through carrying out simple activities. There are some easy tips for children to memorized mathematical concepts easily. These are discussed below:


  • Number recognition: number recognition is the key part of early math skills. Children can start it to ten and subsequently twenty and so on. You can be introduced your children to numbers up to five and when they are able to recognize these five numbers then move on to numbers to ten. A good way to introduce numbers to ten and develop your children's coordination is through puzzle. Gradually by talking about numbers your children will develop the ability to recognize numbers more quickly. For example; with growing age, you can mention the number on you house and your telephone numbers. Now you can give them the opportunity to see the different contexts in which numbers are used around them.
  • Counting: Counting is the most important part of early mathematical skills and it is needed in our daily lives. Parents can begin by cheering your children to count to five. They can use simple trick through familiar number songs. Parents can also develop counting skills of their children though simple puzzles which are ideal for younger children. When children are confident with counting to five, count to ten and subsequently twenty and so on. Parents can also use different tricks such as fun and familiar objects counting that can be taught in an enjoyable way as by counting teddy bears, toy cars, dollsor chocolate. If children are learning to count objects up to five and then perhaps matching the correct number to the five objects then they are beginning to link the number five to the five objects. So, keep practicing this skill until your child is competent.
  • Number formation:parents needs to be practiced and refined number formation to their children. It can be done by simply writing numbers together and after that your child progressing to do so independently. Parents can use to introduce number formation by writing numbers in different interesting and fun ways such as sand,flour, or glitter. This informal ways makes it more enjoyable and relaxed for your children and thiswill surely not put pressure on to write numbers correctly the first time. So,keep practicing informally until you feel that your children are ready to start practicing on paper. When your child start writing on paper, you may use pen or white-marker to practice more and more.

The above mentioned tips help parents to enhance their children memory to learn simple mathematical skills more easily with effectively.